July 2018:  I thought I had nothing  to report for July so had decided I would not bother but the day was saved by Glyn Jackson and Jesse Robinson with a flight to 17,224 with the high point over New Plymouth on July 29th.  Les Sharp had towed them in the Janus NN to 6000ft over the bushline where tthey contacted wave and veritably hurtled upwards in lift at times of over 1,000ft per minute.  Stirring stuff.  They could have gone higher but the oxygen equipmment is not rated for higher altitude.  Maybe a mask would be better than the nasal probes that they used.  Apparently there was not the epic thrash of achieving wave flights that we had at German Hill.  Once in established in wave the peace and quiet was sublime.  Only the perception of the ground receding indicated that one was actually moving.  I don't have any other nformation about the flight from the participants.  I sent a piece into the Daily News but that never made it past the editor's desk.  I typed it out quite nicely too.                         ]           




                                           The mountain from 15,000ft  a few years ago.

So there it is!  there was at least one flight for the month.


Papa Mike.