November 1st 2015

No great rush of people to fly this day, not so good as an earlier forecast might have suggested. Instructors John Tullett and Peter Williams shared the load whilst Les Sharp was at the motive end of the rope. A couple of flights for Dougal Wickham and a trial flight was the day. The thermals were there but not so easy to work.

We have a couple of our members flying in the Central Plateau competition. Peter Cook in his Discus A is going quite well, placed 8th overall after two days. Landed out in a recently drilled crop paddock and got round the task on the second. Glyn having had some practice flying at Matamata the previous weekend is trying Taupo paddocks out for shape, slope, size and surface. All fit apparently.

Peter's paddock at Taupo

Helen Cook strikes an authoritative pose

Glyn's Gypsy truck at Matamata

Glyn towing VV to the Matamata launchpoint

Papa Mike