January 27th 2015

The good run continued with 12hrs 30min flying this day. Excellent flights for Tim in the Discus with 287km covered and a best height of 6,464ft, Sam Tullett in the PW5, best height was 5,826ft. Don’t know the distance. Then his father John took to the skies in the Twin Astir for a best height of 5,400ft. Glyn Jackson in his Ventus VV was the last of the quartet with 360km covered and a best height of 6,126ft. Gliders can fly a long way if you fly straight for long enough, as people are finding out. This is good to see, coming as I do from a time when the Rhonlerche was confined within or very close to the perimeter of the old Bell Block Airfield. Mind you, it was a fair sized area so there was some scope.

Jim Finer doing a good job on the business end of the rope, hauling more than one of them straight into lift. Work done, he then went off into town, did some business there and had lunch. Tow pilots on other days have not been so lucky, grinding away all day with scarcely a break.

Both Glyn, Tim & Sam too, pushed out well away from the airfield, though with the L/D at their disposal and height gained so two of them should have. Stops the clutter in the local airspace

What we do need though, are more of our other flying members coming along to the airfield and flying. Activity needs to be spread across the whole club. Otherwise this situation is not really healthy enough for a strong club.

Papa Mike.

Here I come boys. Glyn joins the Tullett family thermal. Mid-left & upper right