At the time of writing, Mike Strathern accompanied by club members was busy doing the annuals on club gliders and the privately owned ones too.  Comfortably ensconced in Dennis Green's caravan, parked outside our hangar, he had but a few paces to go to work.  Better weather for him for most of the time this year but during a storm a lightning strike not too far away, blew some pole fuses and cut the power to the hangar.  A crafty painting booth was rigged up though at first glance it looked like a washing line sans the clothes hung out to dry.  Any visit to the hangar revealed glider wings seemingly strewn all over the place and hulls propped up in between.  Nowadays we seem to have an impressive array of gliders available both to fly and as a consequence, to ensure that the aircraft are all in an airworthy condition for the year to come.

Looking back on the year just ended there was some good flying done and as described in the May issue of Recent News, finished with a flourish.  No flying this month though, for the reasons outlined above. With the figures that I have, club gliders took 224 launches for a total of 111 hours 57 minutes and 61 hours and 30 minutes for the P/O gliders.  There has been some details not available but it is a good result considering no flying in November last and a few rainy days.  On the other hand, it was boosted by the Junior Pilots effort.  One could say it is a bit like the Gull effect on local fuel prices

Members will note the recently announced increase in subscriptions this year.  And on that note I'll end this RN and hope August will bring some flying for it looks like July is a non-event with no information of any sort available.  In this case I'll hold the July Recent News over for the August issue.  Must be some by then.

Took the photo below on the evening of Jan. 4th this year.  Similar to another one of a few years ago.  A rather dreamy evening landscape.

Papa Mike.