An Outline of being involved:

Training to become a solo pilot.

The training period typically involves around 40 flights, but it may be less or it maybe more, depending on the continuity of your instruction, your learning ability and aptitude. At our current flying charges, this will cost between $1,400 and $2000.

Cross country training.

This involves flying with or without an instructor or accompanied by a fellow-pilot with you or in another glider, out of the immediate glide range of the home airfield. You may land on other airfields, or in paddocks.

On being an instructor.

You may have an aptitude for teaching others to fly and for introducing others to the sport of gliding through the trial flight scheme. You become part of a national network of like-minded people, and become the core of what keeps our movement going.

Gliding awards.

Gaining internationally recognized goals of endurance, distance and height. These tasks are rewarded with the presentation of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond badges and to gain them you will have climbed to specified height levels, had a flight of 5 hours and covered various distances up to 500 hundred kilometres. You may say you have joined the elite when you have gained a 750 or 1000 km diploma.

Cross country competition soaring.

Where you will race other pilots around a cross country course during a week or longer, competing in various tasks set. Instead of that, you might just like to wander the local skies, in awe at the sheer majesty of it all.