This is my first venture into entering material into the new website having found some of the right buttons to push.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but a Special Meeting a while back approved various changes to the rules to meet things as they are now.  One of note was the reduction of the quorum required for an AGM from twelve to ten.  This was prompted by the view of the TSB Trust that the September 2015 AGM meeting was in fact invalid because the quorum rule had not been met.  So we held a new AGM and made sure we had the full quorum for that.  The dealings with the TSB Trust were in relation to a grant for another two-seater to replace the Blanik JB which was grounded a few years ago and the repair cost required was eye-watering.  A pity, for that glider was a great training glider and club pilots had enjoyed some wonderful flights in it.  The upshot of all this was that we were granted money sufficient to buy a Janus twin from the Tauranga Gliding Club.  Tim‘n Glyn took the Eurofox to Tauranga on June 3rd  then Glyn towed Tim and the Janus all the way home.  The next two days saw some active flying as instructors began the conversion process of ten flights each.

While all of this has been happening, Steve Strathern has been busy doing glider ARA’s and various repairs where identified.  So there are gliders in bits strewn around the hangar.  In turn, glider fuselages have been winched off the floor and set down onto sawhorses for ease of access.  An endless chain winch secured to one of the rafters is the prime mover for this.

Mike has had to contend with cold weather which has not helped any fibre glass work he has had to do.  Any brown-out in Stratford night lighting would have been the result of the heaters he has used.  A generator was well employed too.

A working-bee this weekend – 18th/19th,  to derig the Janus so it can have its annual done.  Already, a glitch in the flap locking-place mechanism is being addressed.  All in all, Mike has been busy for a month now and probably a week to go, at least.  The Jackson Gypsy Wagon has been his place of residence all the while.  It doesn’t have the de rigueur stove and chimney but I did notice a panel heater stowed inside.  The mountain has showed its face for Mike who had begun to wonder if it was still there.

On the Friday before the GNZ AGM, Les Sharp and I joined the party that attended the showing of the new Greytown Soaring Centre hangar and the machinery therein.  Not least was the new two drum winch and the 2.5km runway developed by Jim Bicknell and his team which the Greytown Soating Centre/Wellington Gliding Club can employ.  Grae Harrison gave an excellent exposition on how the new venture came to pass.  They were looking forward to good heights off the winch.  Sue Sharp wisely kept out of the mud.  Tim Hardwick-Smith came down for the Saturday AGM  but missed his fishing trip the next day.  The three days we spent there were good value, both in the net-working done and taking part in the various presentations.

I’ll pause here and come back to this newsletter episode later.  A bit like the Charles Dickens stories that came out to the Colonies in the latter part of the 19th Century.  A chapter arriving with each sailing ship that made the voyage.

In our case a sailing ship might well be faster it is now the 20th and the end is in sight for this newsletter.  However there has been no flying to garnish it with, though Les Sharp did one of his regular jaunts in the Eurofox yesterday (19th).  The previous day there was a working bee to de-rig the Janus for its Annual.  This having been brought forward to line up with all the other aircraft.  An issue with a securing spring on the Flap Lever has been addressed which will enhance the safety of that particular item and no awkward surprises for unwitting pilots.  I’m told the Twin work is now nearly complete – a new tire has been ordered - and the other gliders nearly ready too.  Possible work next year might involve sanding the wings of the Janus.  Five or more people each with the appropriate sandpaper could make short work of it.

Only one days flying in May.

                        Glider               Time            Flights                        TGC

                          WZ                  1:09               5                                 5           48m

                                                  Instr.             3            Circuits etc.    6        0:36m

                                                  Solo              1                 

                                                  T/F                1                                           

Keen observers might note that TGC is mentioned twice.  The second one is for general or circuit flying done.  Tim has done some farm inspections in it and Les and Glyn are wont to do circuit practice.  All helps.

25 Years Back:

This section seems to have fallen into abeyance over recent times with the monthly newsletter having been superseded by the Recent News.

The May 1991 newsletter offers an invitation to a Pot Luck Dinner at “The Factory” Egmont Road on the 29th June.  Flying on May 12th and wave all day on the 19th with ten flights to 10,000ft or more.  The C of A inspection of JB done by Bob Struthers and John Tullett and that of IS to happen.  New member Angela Rowe treated to wave flights by John Carter.  Hangar and Club House burgled.  John Schicker’s vintage motor bike was stolen, as well as a vacuum cleaner and soft drink.  Wings of the Blanik IS and Louis Trichard’s Cirrus HP were dented.  Another raffle underway.  Rod Smith's story of his wave flight  "Too High To Milk" was published in this newsletter.  It makes good reading and here is the link to it - Too High To Milk. 1991 

Flying that May:

            Glider              Flights             Hours              Type                Total

              JB                    10                    3:13                 T/F                   6     

              IS                     15                    9:50                 Training           12

              NG                     7                    4:17                 Solo                10

                                                                                     Shared              4

                                 --------                -----------                                     ------------

                                      32                  17:20                                        32

Papa Mike.