Youth Glide

Youth Glide New Zealand (YGNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation who provide Under 25’s (youth) with education, tuition and training in all relevant skills necessary for gliding in New Zealand. YGNZ also act as an advocate for youth pilots in NZ.

Youth Glide members are first and foremost, members of their local club. They are subject to rules and regulations of the club, and as members are entitled to free instructional training in gliders with trained instructors. Various clubs have their own arrangements, but all make at least one two seater training glider available to Youth Glide members at no or reduced rates, and often have reduced rates for towing. Please discuss what your club can provide.

All GNZ junior members automatically become YGNZ members, with the YGNZ membership fee being administered by GNZ.

YGNZ members under the age of 26 who are in full-time study have their annual GNZ subscription waived.

This is an ideal way for you to experience the opportunity of flight within a subsidised environment.

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