26th August 2015

There hasn’t been much to write about for quite a while now but I’ve got a couple days to refer to so here goes.

On August 12th, Tim took the Twin aloft for a check flight to test the conditions and that they weren’t as bad as recently. They weren't so this cleared the way for Glyn to take Dougal Wickham for a much anticipated flight. He must have enjoyed the experience for he came back for another three flights on the 22nd and has now paid his subscription and Bulk Flying fee as well. Welcome back Dougal. I believe you flew with us a few years back. Enjoy the experience.

Also on the 22nd were about three instructor check/validation flights. So they should be now all bright and bushy tailed ready for the new season.

The AGM is due on or about either the 8th or 15th of September. The accounts are with Vanburwray for their perusal and moulding into a presentable form.

The forecast for Saturday is not good. Sunday might be good – bring an umbrella, then its probably wet for all next week. (Actually Sunday might have been flyable - if anyone had been there. (Ed. 31/8)

Papa Mike.