2nd February 2017

Am setting out to write this and listening to the rain continuing to fall, as it has since starting sometime during the night.   It’s been a frustrating summer period for many.  Hay-making contractors are quite disconsolate and farmers, encouraged by all the grass growth don’t know whether they should also worry about getting their harvesting done.

Now, there were some thermals to be seen on Sunday.  Two hours for Les Sharp in the Nimbus, an hour and thirty-six minutes for John Spence in the PW5 and an hour in the Janus for Dougal Wickham who had earlier in the day converted to it.  The Johnson brothers each had a flight.  The K6e ET did over two hours, the time distributed between Sam Tullett, John Tullett along with Tim Hardwick-Smith.  On Saturday, Andrew Berry got rated in the Eurofox, all he needs now is a tow rating.

The Stratford Aeroclub celebrated its 85th anniversary on Saturday and various flying displays were given to people present.  Jim Finer in JTA, launched Tim in the PW5.  Low cloud base limited his air time and Tim and Jim landed within moments of each other.

Sea weed experts proclaim the Treaty weekend to be probably OK.  So we could be in with a chance.  I had contemplated this season to add a cautionary notice on the website about pilots protecting their hands from sunburn.   Rather like taking a raincoat to prevent rain really.  I will do it though and it can be there for next year. Nonetheless, a warning about hangar rash, it can occur and did so recently.  Be careful.

Papa Mike.