John Schicker 1983

German Hill 1983

John Schicker's story of a wave flight from German Hill, January 1983.

Approximately three weeks ago, on a good sunny day, I took the opportunity to attempt a wave flight in the Club's Blanik glider. When I arrived at German Hill, the club members were busy arranging all the equipment for the days flying. The Blanik had just been trolleyed out from the hangar and I se about D. I. ing it for the day. (Daily Inspection). As I finished, I noted that the wind near the mountain was from the south-west and the windsock was moving around to the northerly quarter, showing the presence of rotor (reverse wind flow) and the chance of a good wave day. I spoke to Bob Struthers who was the tow pilot and we worked out a plan so that we could contact the wave.

As we flew away from the runway and then turning left behind German Hill, it quickly became apparent that I was going to need all my skills as we engaged the rotor.. By this time I was at about 3000ft and with the vario showing 1000fpm I knew I was in the wave system. Soon I was at 4800 metres and the view down to the South Island was fantastic and amidst a sound all of its own up there- extremely quiet in the laminar airflow.

After an hour, I decided to return to Mother Earth and let someone else have a go.
At 7000ft I was in the rotor again which was overhead German Hill and I found to maintain a constant airspeed was a problem.

I finally rounded out on the E/W runway and after rolling to a stop, sat for a moment, reflecting on the great flight that I had had that day.

John Schicker.
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